Charity Fundraising Strategy Development and Workshops

A sound fundraising strategy is essential to ensure the growth and sustainability of any charity or not for profit organisation.

We can work with you to establish how best to achieve your fundraising goals, taking your internal capacity into consideration along with relevant external factors that may impact on fundraising. We can offer a reasoned analysis of your existing funding mix, fundraising approach and activities as well as other internal factors such as your brand proposition, beneficiary profile and evidence of impact. We will also research comparator charities and sector benchmarks to help identify the best funding avenues for development and growth. Finally we will offer guidance and support on implementing your new fundraising strategy, which can include: developing and monitoring action plans; providing fundraising recruitment and training support; and/or, providing fundraising services to help deliver aspects of the strategy.

Fundraising Strategy Reports

Although every Charity Fundraising Strategy is different, the following sets out some of the main areas that we may include in a written strategy:

Internal Review

  • Current income sources and financial trends
  • Fundraising activity, human resources, expenditure and ROI
  • Charitable activities (and development plans)
  • Brand proposition, beneficiary profile, marketing
  • SWOT Analysis

External Review

  • Income and fundraising activity analysis of comparator organisations to identify: Trends in income levels and funding mix; indications of their future priorities and relevant funding; and, fundraising resources and returns
  • Industry benchmarking data on average proportion of expenditure on fundraising, overall ROI and ROI by source

Funding Source Review and Recommendations

  • SWOT analysis on each key funding source option
  • Recommendations on developing or establishing each funding source

Income targets and resource requirements

  • Income requirements and income targets overall and broken down by funding source
  • Estimated human and/or financial resource needs

Recommendations and Action Plan

  • Detailed implementation recommendations
  • Action Plan – with assigned time bound tasks

Fundraising Strategy Consultancy

Fundraising strategy support can take a range of forms. You may just be looking for some ideas, strategic support and mentoring, or perhaps a vision planning workshop for Trustees and senior management. Whatever your needs, we aim to ensure that any service we offer is right for your organisation and will make a real difference in its future growth and development.

Some clients find that just a short piece of strategic consultancy support can have a transforming effect on the future direction of their organisation. Our experience of working with so many charities enables us to quickly identify the best development avenues in any given sector as well as the resources and actions required for our clients to embrace those opportunities. We would be delighted to discuss your needs, please get in touch to see how we can support your strategic development.

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