Charity Review Consultancy Service

A charity review is a great opportunity to take a step back from day to day activities and review the overarching organisational structure, resources and approach to identify where development priorities lie and how to address these.  Our charity development consultants provide the experience and the objectivity necessary to review these issues and achieve a fresh perspective for your organisation.

Whether the drivers are specific identified issues, a funder requirement (such as National Lottery Community Fund), or just a desire to focus more strategically and long-term, an organisational review can help to set out a clear plan for development that will enable you to get on with making it happen.

Our approach with charity reviews is bespoke to each client’s needs but the following sets out a typical basis:

  •  Familiarisation with client activities and strategic aims;
  •  Consultation with staff and Trustees, to identify how well the organisation is performing against a range of criteria (typically including e-survey with multi-choice and narrative questions, as well as interviews with key staff)
  •  Review of beneficiary and other stakeholder views, through existing or new consultation
  •  Review of structure, finances and other resources;
  •  Review of processes and systems
  •  Pull together findings into organisational review report with recommendations for priority development areas
  •  Develop action plan and monitoring template if required

Our team of consultants have worked with hundreds of charities, providing skills and experience that can really help your organisation to take forward its objectives successfully and achieve more for your beneficiaries.

We would be delighted to discuss your needs, please get in touch with our charity review consultants to see how we can support you with an organisational review.

Your Consultant is always incredibly professional and respectful and his knowledge has been very welcome.

− Lisa Perks, Sussex Autistic Society