Fundraising Feasibility Services

A fundraising feasibility study is an important step in establishing the viability of any major new fundraising initiative. For capital fundraising projects in particular, identifying the scope and options for potential funding from different sources is key to mitigating project risks.

Our team of experienced charity consultants can help you assess potential funding feasibility efficiently and thoroughly, to help you make the right decisions for your organisation.

Our approach with fundraising feasibility studies is bespoke to each client’s needs but the following sets out a typical basis:

  •  Familiarisation and review – desk review of documentation in relation to your organisation and project plans
  •  Consultation with staff / Trustees, to discuss all aspects of your planning and progress to date including aspects such as community / stakeholder engagement  and evidence of need
  •  Funding Prospect review and research – consider most appropriate funding avenues and if applicable undertake detailed grant funder prospect research
  •  Feasibility report  covering: All identified issues and considerations; an informed view on overall project feasibility; potential resource requirements and returns; and, risks and mitigation approaches

Our team of charity consultants have worked with hundreds of charities, providing skills and experience that can really help your organisation to take forward its planning and development.

We would be delighted to discuss your needs, please get in touch to see how we can support you with a fundraising feasibility study.

The business planning workshop enhanced our understanding of the current environment with its implications and gave impetus for the future of the charity and its aims and objectives

− Ruth Airdrie, Rainbow Living

Very professional, realistic and thorough in your attempts to understand the clients needs. I also thought that the quality of the work and level of detail was excellent considering the very short period with which you had to operate.

− Pete Davies, Community At Heart

We found working with Charity Fundraising a pleasure, they were keen to understand our business in an almost unique area, and ensured they asked the right questions to make sure they produced work that would be useful to us. They kept us up to date on progress and delivered very good quality work in very good time. I would highly recommend their services.

− Karen Gardham, RICS President's Commission on Major Disaster Management