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Armed Forces Charities - Grant Funding

Top 10 Armed Forces Charity Grant Funders


The UK Armed Forces charity sector today is a broad and diverse collection of charities. There are 1,843 armed forces charities registered in the UK (as of 2019), supporting an Armed Forces community of approximately 6.5 million people (Royal British Legion). Armed forces charities provide vital support to past and present members of the armed forces and their families.

Our team have been searching for the best grant funding opportunities for projects supporting armed forces communities. Take a look and see if your charity could benefit.


Drapers Charitable Fund – The Drapers Charitable Fund support registered charities with grants of up to £15,000. While their funding areas are broad, supporting a range of charities in the field of social welfare, a particular area of interest is supporting ex-service men and women. This includes supporting the rehabilitation of ex-services personnel and improving their welfare, health, and wellbeing.


Armed Forces Covenant Fund – The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust awards grants to armed forces charities through specific funding programmes. Each programme has an aim, which describes the change that they would like the funded projects to achieve. Funding programme aims have focused on addressing mental health, resettlement, barriers to civilian life, ageing, suicide, isolation and loneliness, unemployment, barriers to family life, criminal justice, disability and physical health. Grant programmes vary from £10,000 to £300,000.


Bernard Sunley Foundation –Bernard Sunley Foundation support projects for veterans by providing small (under £5,000), medium (up to £20,000) and large (over £20,000) grants. The foundation funds capital projects including new buildings, extensions, refurbishments and recreational spaces; new minibuses that provide a vital service to those most in need in their local community; and churches and other places of worship with a strong, secular community focus.


Forces in Mind Trust – The Forces in Mind Trust funds across seven programme areas – Employment, Health, Housing, Criminal Justice, Relationships, Finance and their Enabling Programme.  The trust seeks to fund evidence generation and influence activities to influence policy makers and service providers, and improve the capability of the Armed Forces Charities sector.


The Royal Navy And Royal Marines Charity – The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity supports sailors, marines and their dependants. Grants to organisations can be made for improving or refurbishing facilities, to cover core costs, or as seed-funding for a service or project. The charity’s objectives are relief of need or hardship, assistance with the education of children, relief and encouragement of serving men and women, and veterans.


The Royal British Legion – The charity makes grants to organisations through its External Grants Scheme. Each year the External Grants programme welcomes applications for projects supporting a particular outcome theme(s) or identified need(s) within the Armed Forces Community. Under the External Grants programme, grant values typically range from £100-£10,000.


The Veterans Foundation – The foundation supports all registered charities and other organisations that support the armed forces community (veterans, serving service people and immediate dependants). The broad range of charities and organisations supported by the Veterans’ Foundation is extensive and covers every aspect of social care including: homelessness, employability, poverty, disability, welfare issues, mental health, marriage guidance, care during old age and confidence building.


The Inman Charity – The charity supports a wide range of UK charities through its grant-making, with a particular interest in Armed Forces. Grants tend to range from £2,000 up to £10,000, with the average grant being £5,000.


Scott Eredine Charitable Trust – The Scott (Eredine) Charitable Trust was established in 1990, with the aim of providing support for general charitable purposes across England and Wales. In particular, the trust makes grants to organisations working for the benefit of the armed forces and the emergency services. Grants typically are in the range £1,000 to £10,000, with several larger grants being awarded each year. Organisations can apply for grants of any sum up to a maximum of £30,000.


Schroder Charity Trust – The charity supports a wide range of charitable causes, including support for the armed forces. Registered charities can apply for grants of up to £5,000.


Charity Fundraising Ltd provide fundraising, strategic and impact consultancy to the voluntary sector. We have worked with a range of Armed Forces charities such as Tom Harrison House – Case Study.

If you would like support to identify more funding opportunities for Armed Forces charities then take a look at our Trust Funding Research Service or give us a call to discuss your needs.