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Core Funding - Grant Sources for Charities

Core Funding – Grant Sources for Charities

Posted on 16 January 2023

Top Trusts and Foundations Supporting Core Costs


The issue of how to cover your core costs is often a challenge for many charitable organisations. Core costs are your everyday running costs that are not directly applicable to service delivery. Examples of core costs include management and admin costs, accountancy and audit costs, general office costs, or costs relating to fundraising, governance and compliance.

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Armed Forces Charities - Grant Funding

Armed Forces Charities – Grant Funding

Posted on 21 December 2021

Top 10 Armed Forces Charity Grant Funders


The UK Armed Forces charity sector today is a broad and diverse collection of charities. There are 1,843 armed forces charities registered in the UK (as of 2019), supporting an Armed Forces community of approximately 6.5 million people (Royal British Legion). Armed forces charities provide vital support to past and present members of the armed forces and their families. Read More

Tender Writing for Charities

Tender Writing for Charities

Posted on 20 May 2021

Our How-to guide for preparing successful statutory funding tenders


Writing tenders for public sector grants and contracts can be a challenge for charities of any size. Whilst it has similarities to grant fundraising there are lots of pitfalls to be wary of.

So, whether you are new to tender writing or a seasoned bid writing professional, hopefully our guide to tender writing for charities will help you to refine your approach and win that next contract opportunity.

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Manchester Grant Funding for Charities

Manchester Charities – Grant Funding

Posted on 08 February 2021

Top 10 Trusts Funding Charities in Manchester


The Charity Commission records 1,995 registered charities in the City of Manchester alone, the centre of the largest metropolitan area in the North of England. Following our previous spotlights  we have now brought together a selection of the top grant funding opportunities in Manchester and the surrounding area to give you a helping hand in your quest for funding.

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Major Donor Fundraising

Major Donor Fundraising and Coronavirus

Posted on 23 June 2020

Adapting your Major Donor Stewardship in response to Coronavirus


Major donor fundraising has always been, and always will be, principally about developing and maintaining relationships with the supporters who can make a significant gift to your cause. But nurturing and maintaining those relationships has been quite difficult over the past few months, as we haven’t been able to meet with philanthropists face-to-face during lockdown – and so we’ve all had to think differently about engagement and communication.

This blog will collate some of the lessons we have learnt in recent months about major donor fundraising – and will highlight which of these learnings we could usefully employ into the future, when the COVID-19 lockdown and pressures have all eased.
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