Project needs Assessment

Effective needs assessment is essential to ensure your services meet community and beneficiary needs. It is also very important to be able to evidence high quality and thorough needs assessment to funding bodies. Funders want to achieve the greatest impact for their investment and this often means targeting areas or individuals that are in greatest need, with services that are best able to address their specific needs.  Our charity consultation service is designed to help you carry out effective needs assessment, to meet both the needs of your service users and the requirements of funders.

We take a comprehensive approach to supporting clients with needs assessment, either as part of our wider grant fundraising service or as a standalone project. The process typically includes a mix of charity service user consultation methods and a review of relevant research:

  • Familiarisation and review of existing consultation / evaluation and other existing evidence of need
  • Scope out nature and scale of assessment process, identifying gaps and areas for strengthening
  • Develop a methodology covering all key stakeholders and secondary evidence sources
  • Develop and undertake surveys / focus groups / interviews with current and potential beneficiaries
  • Develop and undertake surveys / focus groups / interviews with organisational partners and other stakeholders
  • Desk review of relevant publications, strategies and published research findings

The results can be presented in a needs assessment report or be built directly into bids through our grant fundraising or tender writing services.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can support your organisation to identify and evidence service needs.

I have found the experience of working with you an excellent one … I will be coming back for further work just as soon as we can.

− Vivien Carter, Rochdale Connections Trust