Charity Impact Evaluation Frameworks and Monitoring Support

Monitoring the progress and quality of your work is essential to ensuring effective grant and contract management, tracking the achievement of outcomes, identifying and replicating best practice and, importantly, identifying and addressing issues at an early stage.

Our charity impact monitoring support service is designed to assist organisations designing their projects to identify goals, outcomes and the relationships between the need for their work, their activities and the impact they intend to achieve.  This can involve working with you to:

  • Consult with beneficiaries, partners and commissioners;
  • Developing theory of change models and other approaches;
  • Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for your organisation
  • Developing charity outcome monitoring methodologies and tools bespoke to the needs of the organisation;
  • Supporting organisations through training and mentoring to implement bespoke and off the shelf evaluation tools and methodologies;

If you are in the process of developing a new project, or are reviewing your current monitoring methods, please get in touch.

Excellent and very informative, delivered in a relaxed manner

A very helpful introduction to making fundraising part of the business strategy for small charities in the public sector.

Very professional; trainer very knowledgeable and with practical experience and advice to give.