Free Fundraising Consultation - Charity Fundraising

Posted on 25 March 2020 by | Category Fundraising Resources, Fundraising Workshops

Free fundraising consultation for UK Charities affected by Coronavirus


The implications of Coronavirus (Covid-19) are presenting enormous challenges for Charities across the UK both in operational service delivery and the immediate or anticipated drop in funding.

We know that many people across the voluntary sector are worried. With things changing day by day it can be hard to identify how best to meet the challenges ahead, not least among those will be mitigating the risk of income loss and identifying new opportunities for securing funding. Beyond the short term there is also the uncertainty over what the future looks like. Will things get back to normal in six months or twelve months, or will philanthropy and income models be permanently altered?

Charity Fundraising Ltd has 20 years’ experience in fundraising across a range of disciplines and has supported over 250 charities across the UK in developing their fundraising strategies, undertaking prospect research and directly securing over £38 million in funds.

Our team of consultants have decided to help in the best way we know how, to offer support to charities through this difficult and unprecedented time. We are therefore offering free fundraising advice / mentoring sessions over the phone. This may be limited to a single session subject to demand but we will seek to follow up with some free resources where we can. The consultation can cover any issues regarding fundraising and income generation.  If you are interested in receiving this support, please complete the form below.

We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can but please bear with us.