Trust Fundraising consultancy has been a core service for our charity clients since we were established in 2000. Our trust consultants work with charities across the UK helping them to identify and secure substantial grant funding from Trusts and Foundations.


About Charitable Trust Fundraising

There are around 12,500 Charitable Trusts in the UK giving grants of £4.2 Billion per year to charities and not for profit organisations. This makes it the third largest funding source for the voluntary sector after individual giving and income from Government. Trust fundraising can be a fantastic way for charities to secure funding to develop and grow services, fund capital projects and also to meet ongoing core costs. It can be very competitive but done well trust and foundation fundraising can achieve a much higher return on investment than most other forms of fundraising.


Planning Trust Fundraising

The key to successful fundraising from trusts and foundations lies with careful planning. With our clients we start by carefully reviewing your current position. This includes:

  • Review any current or recent trust fundraising activity
  • Understand your overall financial position and funding mix
  • Identify unfunded / underfunded services and any planned strategic developments
  • Review funding priorities in detail including current service monitoring and evaluation and any additional evidence of need


Charitable Trust Prospect Research

Sound research into trusts and foundations is essential to achieve the best results. We use our own database and multiple subscription services to find the top prospects for your cause. These are matched carefully to thematic, beneficiary and geographical criteria. There can be endless nuances in how different charitable trusts define eligibility and preferences for grant making and our team of consultants are experts at sifting through the detail to make sure we can prepare the best possible pipeline of trust opportunities for any client.


Trust Fundraising Campaign

Once a clear prioritised pipeline has been developed, our consultants can take forward bid development. We pride ourselves on our ability to thoroughly understand the nature of your activities and ethos, so we can develop funding applications that speak with your voice. Every funding application we develop is carefully crafted using the extensive experience of our team to make the most compelling case for support. We are unique as a fundraising consultancy in that our full team are all direct employees and work in partnership to achieve the best results for every client. Our approach has enabled us to achieve an average ROI of £14 per £1 spent on our services – well in excess of sector benchmarks.


If you are interested in finding out more about our charitable trust fundraising consultancy service then please get in touch for an initial discussion.


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