Services carried out

  • Bid Writing / Review
  • Contract Tender Writing / Review
  • Fundraising Strategy / Audit
  • Monitoring / Evaluation Support
  • Strategic Development & Governance


cbm Ireland is a branch of a major international development charity, working in over 100 countries across the world. They initially contracted our services to produce four major bids for The Civil Society Fund of Irish Aid. Working directly with the Central Africa Regional Office and liaising with the Irish office, we produced all of the bids to a tight timescale. Each of these bids succeeded and achieved a total sum of €1,504,416 for development work in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. These were for major programmes of medical intervention for people with cataracts, glaucoma and vision impairment as well as orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy and prosthetics for people with disabilities. The funding also enabled a wider range of benefits through HIV/AIDS awareness raising, empowerment of women’s rights, micro-enterprise schemes and primary education bursaries.

Following this, we then supported the monitoring and reporting on these programmes. We also took the lead role in moving cbm on to the next phase of longer term Government co-funding. Our work to achieve this included: detailed programme planning and design both in the field with cbm partners and regional staff in Africa; major bid preparation; development of a strategic plan and policy documents; and presentations and meetings with senior staff at Irish Aid. This work was all successful and block funding of a further €2,550,000 over three years was granted.