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  • Bid Writing / Review
  • Grant Funder Research
  • Strategic Development & Governance

Caring, knowledgeable, and very professional … the combination of experience, knowledge and input was good value for money. David Peek, Director


Commonweal Housing is a registered charity that aims to resolve those social injustices where a combination of housing and support services for people will help them establish themselves in life through making wise choices and so have a fair chance to realise decent aspirations.

Re-Unite South London was a pioneering new housing project that enabled mothers to be re-united with their children following the mother’s release from prison. The project was inspired by the Corston review of vulnerable women in the criminal justice system. The project was designed to rectify a major social injustice, the ‘Catch 22’ situation facing hundreds of women leaving prison who want to re-establish family life with their children. Typically, a woman is unable to get her children back from social care unless she has somewhere suitable to live, but she is not entitled to suitable housing, unless her children are living with her. The Re-Unite project aimed to overcome this barrier by providing housing for up to two years for women and their children to live independently, assisted by personalised support from a key worker. It also provided anonymity and protection for women who have experienced domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a frequent issue; with threats from abusive partners continuing even during prison terms, women are unable to return to their former family home. Even moving to another location may not be enough to end threats or incidence of violence. Hence, if domestic violence remains a possibility, the housing provided is equipped with security measures such as external lighting and CCTV cameras and if necessary a physically secure “refuge room” within the property.

Engaged by Commonweal Housing to work with them on the Re-Unite South London project, Fundraising Consultants at Charity Fundraising Ltd advised on governance issues, researched potential funders and acted as bid writing consultants, drafting funding applications for project costs including salaries.

Graham Parker, Director at Charity Fundraising Ltd, said; “The prognosis for the ex-offender on release from custody depends not just on their genuine good intentions but also their housing and the support network which is available to them on release. We are delighted to have achieved funding to provide the best possible chance of success for women on release from custody and to enable them to be re-united with their children in a supportive environment. ”

Fundraising Consultants at Charity Fundraising Ltd raised £356,114 for Re-Unite South London, a return of more than 20 times the fee for the work undertaken.