Grant Making Management and Philanthropy Services

Increase the impact of your giving with our grant-making support services.

Our experienced team is able to support trusts, foundations and other philanthropic groups with services ranging from complete management and administration to advice on specific areas of need. Whether you are looking to establish a new Trust, or if you would like support with your current work, we can ensure your giving is effective and strategic.

Charity Fundraising Ltd can develop grant systems to optimise your effectiveness and efficiency. Streamlining your grant processes supports your Trustees in their decision-making, reduces administrative burdens and increases the impact of your funding. We can develop systems to reduce the amount of time you spend on administration, responding to queries, and receiving ineligible applications.

We have experience in supporting every element of the grant-making process, and therefore we are able to tailor our services to your needs. Trustees can have whatever level of involvement they wish in guiding the grant-making processes.

As well as offering advice on establishing a Trust, our support can include:

Development of guidelines

Essential for strategic grant-making. Clear guidelines can reduce the numbers of unsuitable applications received, encourage suitable organisations to apply, and facilitate assessment for Trustees. We work in close contact with our clients, ensuring that we capture your preferences.

Design of application and reporting processes

This can include forming basic guidance outlining the information that should be provided by applicants, or can take the structure of an application form or an online submission process. This ensures that you receive only the information you need to make your decisions.

Targeted promotional strategies

We have designed professional websites which ensure that our clients are promoted to suitable potential applicants. If required, we can provide dedicated email, PO box addresses and telephone lines in order to respond to the queries of potential applicants, reducing the demand on your resources.

Application assessment

As well as sorting, filtering and tracking applications for your Trust, we can undertake assessments in line with your priorities, and even visit shortlisted organisations in order to provide independent assessments. We report back on agreed criteria, providing your Trustees with complete peace of mind.

Philanthropic strategy and advice

Our team of experienced professionals are able to offer advice on a wide range of strategies for giving. The field of philanthropy can be complex. Charity Fundraising Ltd offers a detailed and comprehensive understanding of not-for-profit work. We can provide professional philanthropic advice on issues such as social enterprise investment, international giving, and results-oriented charitable giving.

I have found the experience of working with you an excellent one … I will be coming back for further work just as soon as we can.

− Vivien Carter, Rochdale Connections Trust